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Number of ETFs tracked

Preddix generates daily trade signals for over 200 Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) amongst the most popular equity funds in North America.

Percentage of indices beaten

Actively trading any of these ETFs based on signals from Preddix would have outperformed the buy-and-hold strategy for 95% of them in 2015.


On average, returns from Preddix were 10% above the ETFs’ buy-and-hold returns in 2015, before any shorting or leveraging strategy!

Signals from Preddix can boost returns of your ETF portfolio!

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Don't time the market based on gut feel

At Preddix, we use state-of-the-art machine learning methods and artificial intelligence techniques to help investors determine when to buy or sell Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Rather than following static trading rules and strategies, our computer models dynamically learn how the market will react based on market data and various indicators. Then they predict the direction the market will take over the coming days.

Every night, our models generate a ‘buy’, ‘sell’, or ‘hold’ signal for each of the ETFs we track, along with a signal strength indicator related to the forecast's predictability.

Beyond helping subscribers to anticipate and outperform stock markets, Preddix has many advantages over other traditional financial information services and investment letters.

  • Unbiased algorithmic approach

    Emotions should not drive investment decisions. Our trading signals are based on hard data and are statistically-driven.

  • Transparent track record

    All of our past trading signals, good and bad, are being posted on our site so that you can judge by yourself of our performance.

  • Actionable signals

    Actively trading based on signals from Preddix typically requires 10 to 20 trades per year for a given ETF. This makes signals from Preddix actionable not only by large financial institutions, but also by individual investors looking for an advanced algorithmic support tool.


    Some firms charge up to $200 per month for similar algorithmic support. Preddix offers a comprehensive set of ETF trading signals for free!

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